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“Piper was Afraid”


“Lily the Fancipoo”


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Written by: Catherine Gibson and Michael Lachance

Illustrations by: Rebekah Phillips

Available for purchase at http://www.forchildrenwithlove.com


“About Lily the Fancipoo”


Lily the Fancipoo is an adorable puppy from Sarasota, FL. She has everything a pup could want, except for one very important thing…friends. When Lily takes a trip to New England to spend time with her cousins, she really isn’t sure how she feels about the farm animals and snow! However, it’s there on the farm, away from all her fancy things, that she finds the friends she’s been longing for! Lily realizes, maybe it’s true, all you need is love!

A Note to Parents:

There are a couple hidden creatures throughout the book that children can look for. When Lily is in Florida there is a tiny Anole Lizard hidden on each page and then when she gets to New England,  Lottie the Mouse is hiding! Lottie represents Love.

“About Piper was Afraid”


Piper is an enormous Irish Wolfhound rescue dog from Orange, Virginia. What is he afraid of? He is afraid of fear itself! He doesn’t want to go outside and play with the other dogs, or try new things, so all day long he just stays at home in his chair. One day, after his family invites him to meet some new friends, he decides once again to stay at home. Well on that particular night there is a loud and VERY scary thunder storm! This time he is REALLY afraid! When his family comes home later that night, they comfort him and he realizes that he is missing out on all the fun by being afraid. Children will have fun getting louder and LOUDER as the words gets larger and LARGER! 

A Note to Parents:

Keep our eye out for “Cornelius the Mouse” as he makes his way throughout the book following Piper. Cornelius represents Courage.

 Cornelius, the tiny mouse, reminds Piper to have COURAGE! When the children in your household are brave,  like sleeping in their own bed, or going to school on the first day, you can put a note or a treat in Cornelius’s hands and put him somewhere in the house for the kids to find him! He’s also the perfect size for putting in a child’s knapsack. Who wouldn’t love to find a fun note carried by a mouse?