Pawz Publishing was created by mother and daughter team, Rebekah Phillips and Sharon Gonyaw. Their mission is to teach young impressionable minds how to be creative, use their imaginations and develop into kind and thoughtful adults. They desire to create an experience for parents with their children, where the quality time spent reading a bedtime story together will be remembered and cherished for the rest of their lives. “We challenge parents to unwind, ‘pause’ and use story-time as a wonderful bonding and learning experience for you and your little ones.”


About Rebekah Phillips

Rebekah’s Vision

“It all began with children’s books. I remember studying them, copying the illustrations and reading the stories aloud in various voices on my tape recorder. I always had a wild imagination, and I loved the gift of being able to escape inside a book and envision the world as I thought it could be, instead of what it actually was. This love of storytelling developed into visual tales through my artwork and then eventually through song as a singer/songwriter. I think it was a natural progression that it all came back around to books. I hope my stories have messages that are remembered, illustrations that inspire, and characters that are loved for years to come!”

Rebekah Phillips is a graduate of The Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts in Old Lyme Connecticut, and has won multiple awards for her paintings. Also a published songwriter, she has recently turned her attention from writing songs to writing and illustrating children’s books. Rebekah has a heart for inspiring creativity in others through her artwork and storytelling. She feels strongly that spending quality time with developing minds is of the utmost importance. “Piper was Afraid” is the first published book of seven in her series, each using the world of animals to relate to the reader. Also, look for her second book, “Lily the Fancipoo” about a little Maltese who comes to the realization, that all you need is love!

“To be able to create is the essence of being human!”


About Sharon Gonyaw


Her Instinctual Gift

For Sharon, the art of storytelling can be traced back to her roots. As a child, she and her brother Hal would entertain their siblings with imaginative fables on the long weekend drives from Connecticut to their parents’ home state of Vermont. When Sharon became a mother herself, she continued to engage the minds of her own children with these made-up fairy-tales, the chapters often extending night after night. It was during this time that her daughter Rebekah developed a great love for the art of storytelling and learned to escape into the depths of her own imagination, creating  illustrated stories from a very early age.

Lily the Fancipoo, the title of their first book together, is a story that was inspired by life on the farm with Grandma Gwen and Grandpa Bernie, also known as “Mom and Dad” to Sharon. It was there that both mother and daughter were taught the value of hard work and reminded constantly of the things that matter most!

Sharon Gonyaw currently works as a pediatric nurse at the Hospital for Special Care in New Britain, CT. She is always amazed at the wonderfully creative and positive spirits of the children she cares for amidst the multiple physical hardships they face. Sharon continues to comfort and inspire young minds through her gift of storytelling.


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